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Shirley Smart: ‘Long Story Short’

Last night, we were treated to an unforgettable evening with Shirley Smart (@shirlsmart), a rising star in the Jazz world whose musical journey spans continents and genres.

Hailing from Jerusalem and drawing inspiration from Jazz, Classical, Turkish, Arabic, and African music, her performance was a captivating blend of influences.

Shirley’s mastery of the cello redefined what was possible in Jazz, expanding the artistic scope of the instrument.

Through her soul-stirring melodies and boundless creativity, she transported us to distant lands and whispered forgotten tales.

Beyond her stellar performances, Shirley is a dedicated educator, shaping the next generation of musicians at esteemed Jazz institutions worldwide.

As she shared anecdotes from her journey, we gained insight into the passion and dedication driving her artistry.

Her latest album, ‘Long Shot Story’, served as the soundtrack to the evening—a poignant exploration that showcased her unparalleled command over the cello.

Each track invited us to lose ourselves in the beauty of her music and the depth of her emotion.

Last night’s event was made even more extraordinary with a special guest appearance by Sam Dunn (@nnudmas) on guitar, who joined Shirley Smart on stage.

Together, they created a musical synergy that was nothing short of magical, weaving their instruments’ sounds into a tapestry of harmony and rhythm that captivated the audience.

Their collaboration added another layer of depth and excitement to an already unforgettable evening of jazz exploration.

As the night came to a close, we were left with hearts full of melody and minds brimming with inspiration.

Shirley Smart’s approach to Jazz on the cello left an indelible mark, reminding us of the transformative power of music.

Big thanks to John Crawford on Piano and Demi Garcia Sabat on Drums.

“Fascinating listening, and thought-provoking entertainment for the open-eared” ~ Arts Desk

“ As a cellist-composer, she morphs seamlessly from Stephane Grappelli-like swing and bird-like Bebop.

“A charming Kaleidoscope and jazzy showcase of her global folk music-inspired compositions” ~ Jazzwise


Shirley Smart

Meet our rising star in the Jazz universe—a remarkable young talent with a wealth of musical prowess. With roots spanning from living a decade in Jerusalem to immersing herself in the diverse realms of Jazz, Classical, Turkish, Arabic, and African music, she brings a captivating blend of influences to the stage.

Having graced numerous international festivals, she’s not only a stellar performer but also a dedicated educator. Holding prestigious teaching positions at renowned Jazz institutions including Guildhall, City University, Royal College of Music, Trinity Laban, and Kent University, she’s committed to nurturing the next generation of musicians.

She will take us on a journey with her latest album ‘Long Shot Story’, a poignant and instinctive exploration showcasing her unparalleled command over the cello, promising an evening filled with soul-stirring melodies and boundless creativity.

“This is an exceptionally strong leadership debut from a lady that I am sure we are destined to hear much more from.” ~ Jazz Views


what's currently on

May 22, 2024

Hetty Kate: Swinging Vintage Jazz & A Benefit Concert for Anita Wardell with special guest Nigel Price on Guitar

This will be an amazing evening featuring a stunning and versatile vocalist who is rarely seen in the UK,
Hetty Kate: Vocals
Matyas Gayer: Piano
Jeremy Brown: Double Bass
Steve Brown: Drums
Special Guest – Nigel Price: Guitar
*** Please note that for the first time at our club, seating will be in theatre style, and we ask diners to eat in the main bar before the performance. ***

June 12, 2024

‘Trombonism’ – Nick Mills Trombone Quintet

Trombones: Nick Mills, Andy Flaxman, Tom Dunnett, Chris Lowe, Bruce Douglas
Rhythm Section: Jim Treweek – Piano, Andy Hamill – Double Bass, Dave Tandy – Drums

June 26, 2024

Ineza & “Women’s Words, Sisters’ Stories”

Great musicians explore the music written by some of our most iconic Jazz Songstresses.
Ineza: Vocals
Alex Webb: Keyboard
Katy Patterson: Drums
Charlie Pyne: Double Bass

July 3, 2024

Tommaso Starace ”My favourite Standards”

Tommaso has an endearing style and charm that never fails to engage his audience.
Tommaso Starace: Alto Saxophone
Alban Claret: Guitar
Steve Ashworth: Hammond Organ
Chris Nickolls: Drums

July 10, 2024

Summer Latin Love Vibes with Roger Beaujolais

Roger Beaujolais: Vibrophone
John Crawford: Keyboard
Andy Lafone: Bass
Davide Giovannini: Drums

July 24, 2024

Nick Mills Blue Note Project ‘It Must Schwing’

Nick Mills: Trombone
Saxophone: Dave O’Higgins
Martin Shaw: Trumpet
Leon Greening: Keyboard
Jeremy Brown: Double Bass
Matt Home: Drums
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