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Julian Costello Band

It is the musicians’ role to express the diversity of our lives and speak from the soul and few musicians do this with more eloquence and honesty than our guest Julian Costello.

Julian is a truly creative and engaging musician and in the comfort of Cabbage Patch’s Patchwork stage, we invite you to close your eyes and temporarily open your soul to a world without words and sense the warmth, laughter, kindness, frustrations, wistfulness and challenges of life expressed by this distinctively, a lyrical optimistic man with his saxophone and his amazing band.

The Band:

Maciek Pysz – Guitar,
Dave Jones -Bass,
Eric Ford – Drums

“Julian Costello is a sax lyricist, telling his stories of life’s ups and downs with perfect alteration of tone to impart strength, humour and even frailty at times.This is a great album, strong, tenacious in its quality and simply makes a great listen” ~ Sammie Stein Jazz in Europe

“Musicianship in service of the music more than the ego”. Ken Avis (US Critic)



what's currently on

April 24, 2024

Shirley Smart: ‘Long Story Short’

An evening filled with soul-stirring melodies and boundless creativity.
Shirley Smart: Cello, John Crawford: Piano, Demi Garcia Sabat: Drums, Special Guest – Sam Dunn: Guitar

May 1, 2024

Alamanaque ‘Nothing Stops The Carnival’

Almanaque is unique and will present their unique enthusiastic music which can only be described as a skilful mix of Brazilian, Latin and African influences blended with a magical dusting of sensitive creativity.

(Luca Boscagin: Guitar, Quentin Collins: Trumpet, Mateus Nova: Double Bass, Raphael Delfino: Drums, Jansen Santana: Percussion)
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