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Generations of Jazz Saxophone with Stan and Matthew Sulzmann

When Twickenham Jazz club was in its infancy veteran saxophonist Stan Sulzman played for us and so mesmerised were the audience that one of our members wrote to me the next day:

“We were lucky to breathe the same air!” – Jane said.

And it was true.

Stan has such a unique sound and control of his instrument that he is indeed a totally breathtaking performer.

Stan Sulzmann

Stan began playing the saxophone at the age of 13 and went on to carefully develop his skills through the London Youth Jazz Orchestra, The National Youth Jazz Orchestra and studies at the Royal Academy.

This education and his innate talent launched him into a career that included playing with Gil Evans, John Taylor, Kenny Wheeler, Paul McCartney, James Last Orchestra and the Hamburg-based NDR Big band but more importantly, with many recordings to his name he is credited with being at the forefront of the European modern Jazz movement since and influencing many of the great players we have today.

Matt Sulzmann

One of these players is his son Matthew or should I say Matt, who grew up absorbing his father’s experiences, mixing with some of the finest musicians and also learning to play the saxophone from some of the greatest teachers. For a gifted child, this is a wonderful start.

Matt developed into an outstanding soprano and alto saxophonist, arranger and composer. He now leads his own quintet and has performed with the Neon Orchestra, Dom Ingram Sextet, James Brady’s ‘Voyagers’ and the London Jazz Orchestra. In addition, his keen interest in education has led him to teach on Jazz courses including NYJC, Mehr Clef, NYJOS, Ronnie Scott’s “Big Band in a Day”, and Jazz Rehearsals London, in addition to his work at Brentwood and Abercorn schools.

The symbiotic affection and musical relationship between these two great players are palpable and span decades of Jazz. It is also a rare privilege for us to enjoy them together and has been a long-term ambition of mine to achieve.


The band:

Stan Sulzmann – Tenor Saxophone,

Matthew Sulzmann – Alto and Soprano Saxophone,

Will Barry – Piano,

Will Sach – Bass,

Dave Storey – Drums


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