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An evening with Honey Boulton

Honey Boulton is a jazz guitarist, banjo player and composer, specialising in swing and bebop music.

An inspiring and uplifting performer throughout his compositions, Honey aims to capture the fire and spirit of the great African American art form, and apply it to the context of living and performing in New Zealand and the United Kingdom, while paying due respect to the tradition. His influences are made up of a long list of composers/artists, including Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Toshiko Akiyoshi etc.

Honey’s music simply makes us Feel Good.

For his debut appearance at Twickenham Jazz Club Honey Boulton will be present a set of original music featured on his three previously released and highly acclaimed albums ‘Honey, ‘Portrait’, and ‘Les Charmants’, as well as a collection of unreleased compositions written specially for his quartet comprised of Fraser Urquart on piano, Lorenzo Morabito on bass and Will Cleasby on drums. The quartet brings the fire and energy of a large ensemble to the personal connection and spontaneity of a tight knit quartet.


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June 12, 2024

‘Trombonism’ – Nick Mills Trombone Quintet

Trombones: Nick Mills, Andy Flaxman, Tom Dunnett, Chris Lowe, Bruce Douglas
Rhythm Section: Jim Treweek – Piano, Andy Hamill – Double Bass, Dave Tandy – Drums

June 26, 2024

Ineza & “Women’s Words, Sisters’ Stories”

Great musicians explore the music written by some of our most iconic Jazz Songstresses.
Ineza: Vocals
Alex Webb: Keyboard
Katy Patterson: Drums
Charlie Pyne: Double Bass

July 3, 2024

Tommaso Starace ”My favourite Standards”

Tommaso has an endearing style and charm that never fails to engage his audience.
Tommaso Starace: Alto Saxophone
Alban Claret: Guitar
Steve Ashworth: Hammond Organ
Chris Nickolls: Drums

July 10, 2024

Summer Latin Love Vibes with Roger Beaujolais

Roger Beaujolais: Vibrophone
John Crawford: Keyboard
Andy Lafone: Bass
Davide Giovannini: Drums

July 24, 2024

Nick Mills Blue Note Project ‘It Must Schwing’

Nick Mills: Trombone
Saxophone: Dave O’Higgins
Martin Shaw: Trumpet
Leon Greening: Keyboard
Jeremy Brown: Double Bass
Matt Home: Drums
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