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Alan Barnes & Matt Sulzmann

This night will be a heartwarming evening of great BeBop and Swing played by two fabulous frontline performers and a world-class rhythm section. Think of Johnny Griffin, Eddie Lockjaw Davis, Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk but mostly of having a great time at our special club.

Matt Sulzman

Matt Sulzman Seeped in Jazz since a baby and son of the great Saxophonist Stan Sulzman. Matt is an outstanding soprano and alto saxophonist, arranger, and composer. He now leads his own quintet, and quartet and has performed with the Neon Orchestra, Dom Ingram Sextet, James Brady’s ‘Voyagers’ and the London jazz orchestra, and many more. In addition, his keen interest in education has led him to teach Jazz courses including NYJC, Mehr Clef, NYJOS, Ronnie Scott’s “Big Band in a Day”, and Jazz Rehearsals London, in addition to his work at Brentwood and Abercorn schools.

On Wednesday night he appears with the wonderful, lovable, and incredibly talented Alan Barnes.

Alan Barnes

To many Jazz lovers, Alan needs no introduction.

Nick-named by the late great Humphrey Lyttleton as ‘Honoury Crackpot’ Alan’s musical discography is legendary. He has received over 25 British Jazz awards, recorded many albums, and is highly respected by many of our contemporary Jazz musicians. Great Alan has performed and recorded commercially with household names like Bjork, Bryan Ferry, Michel LeGrande, Clare Teale, Westlife, and Jools Holland.

To spend an evening with him is to be transported into a timeless place of incredible musicality, reassuring humor, and companionship that melts away life’s trials and tribulations just for a while and explore and enjoy great music.


what's currently on

June 12, 2024

‘Trombonism’ – Nick Mills Trombone Quintet

Trombones: Nick Mills, Andy Flaxman, Tom Dunnett, Chris Lowe, Bruce Douglas
Rhythm Section: Jim Treweek – Piano, Andy Hamill – Double Bass, Dave Tandy – Drums

June 26, 2024

Ineza & “Women’s Words, Sisters’ Stories”

Great musicians explore the music written by some of our most iconic Jazz Songstresses.
Ineza: Vocals
Alex Webb: Keyboard
Katy Patterson: Drums
Charlie Pyne: Double Bass

July 3, 2024

Tommaso Starace ”My favourite Standards”

Tommaso has an endearing style and charm that never fails to engage his audience.
Tommaso Starace: Alto Saxophone
Alban Claret: Guitar
Steve Ashworth: Hammond Organ
Chris Nickolls: Drums

July 10, 2024

Summer Latin Love Vibes with Roger Beaujolais

Roger Beaujolais: Vibrophone
John Crawford: Keyboard
Andy Lafone: Bass
Davide Giovannini: Drums

July 24, 2024

Nick Mills Blue Note Project ‘It Must Schwing’

Nick Mills: Trombone
Saxophone: Dave O’Higgins
Martin Shaw: Trumpet
Leon Greening: Keyboard
Jeremy Brown: Double Bass
Matt Home: Drums
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