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Jazz Season at TJC: Autumn/ Winter 2021/2022

15th September

Martin Nickless Tentett “Back To The West Coast”  Autumn/Winter Season opening night

Martin Nickless, Matt Sulzman, Andy Gibson, Nick Mills, Sam Braysher, Bob Mckay, Graham Russell, Dave Chamberlain, Richard Sadler, Nat Steele, Richard Busiakiewicz

29th September

Tribute to The Great Jazz Swing Era
Mike Henry – Trumpet, John Cherry, Martin Nickless – Clarinet, Graham Read – Bass, Rod Brown – Drums

6th October

Julian Costello Band
Maciek Pysz – Guitar, Dave Jones – Bass, Eric Ford – Drums

20th October

Tara Minton Band: Exceptional Jazz Harpist and Vocalist

Ian Blumstead – Saxophone, Ed Babar – Double Bass, David Ingamells – Drums

3rd November

Shireen Francis: Jazz Blues Gospel with a subtle dusting of Caribbean Magic

Josh Kemp – Saxophone, Gunther Kumar – Piano, Neville Malcolm – Bass, Dominic Grant – Guitar, Alessandro Canini – Drums

17th November

Tunes made famous by Benny Goodman

Martin Nickless – Clarinet, Nat Steele – Vibraphone, Richard Busiakiewicz – Keyboards, Paul Morgan – Double Bass, Rod Young – Drums

1st December

Alan Barnes: Popular multi-talented clarinettist, saxophonist genius musician and raconteur

Paul Morgan – Double Bass, Richard Busiakiewicz – Piano, Steven Vintnner – Drums

15th December

“The Vocal Session” with Jo Harrop Band
Jamie McCredie – Guitar, Jihad Darwish – Bass, Peter Adam Hill – Drums

22nd December

Club Christmas Party

Enrico Tomasso – Trumpet, Richard Sadler – Double Bass, Matt Fishwick – Drums, Meredith White – Piano

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what's on

December 6, 2023

Live Jazz Sessions with Hannah Horton

Hannah Horton – saxophone
Tim Lapthorn – piano
Rab Statham – bass
Steve Taylor – drums

December 13, 2023

Live Jazz Sessions with Alex Garnett Quartet

Alex Garnett – saxophone
Leon Greening – piano
Matt Home – drums
Adam King – double bass
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